Parenting Support in Europe – research published

Parents International’s Director, Eszter Salamon had co-authored a newly published paper on parenting support under the umbrella of the EuroFamNet COST Action. This has been a very much under-researched, but important topic for parents, and thus we decided to be part of creating the evidence base that we use in our work. It presents a review of recent academic literature which considers the ways in which formal family support is conceptualised, developed, and delivered in the European context, and reflects the work of a year and a half, done as volunteers.

This literature review aims to:
1. Identify and examine similarities and differences in the meanings and applications of ‘family support’ as a key concept within and across European countries.
2. Consider similarities and differences in national approaches to family support and family support services for children, parents and families across European countries.
3. Present a review of how the literature in these areas has conceptualised, evaluated and theorised these similarities and differences.

Devaney, C., Christiansen, Ø., Holzer, J., MacDonald, M., Matias, M., Piessens, A. & Salamon, E. (2021). The conceptualisation and delivery of family support in Europe: A review of academic literature. EurofamNet.

You can find the report in the ParentHelp Library here.

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