Who We Are

Stichting IPA (Parents International) is an independent research, advocacy and training organisation established with the mission of supporting parents around the world to become game-changers by helping their children to grow up happy and healthy 21st century citizens. It is believed that responses to global and local challenges can be improved by drawing upon existing experiences through wider communication and cooperation among parents all over the world.

Parents International provides a forum whereby experienced parents’ representatives (active and formal), professionals, (including teachers, social workers, researchers, psychologists, teacher trainers, economists, students, policy makers, youth workers,) who are interested in supporting parents, can contribute to a global parents’ alliance that works for the best interest and well-being of children all over the world. The principal activities of the Parents International include:

  • supporting parents to become the best educators of their children;
  • increasing parental involvement in all forms of education, with special focus on formal education, for thinking and acting together for education suitable for 21st century children in the post-PISA period;
  • fighting illiteracy, promoting reading;
  • working towards equal opportunities for girls and women, education of girls and mothers;
  • supporting parents in becoming the main advocates of the rights of the child;
  • demanding that the right to mother tongue and mother culture, even for migrants is granted;
  • supporting to raise digital literacy levels and thus and living in the digital age;
  • providing for empowerment for active citizenship and participation;
  • fighting xenophobia, hate speech, exclusion, supporting inclusion for a peaceful future


The Team

Advisory Board