Summer Teacher Training in Amsterdam

We are happy to announce our open summer courses that will be held in Amsterdam. The courses will be about inclusion, being entrepreneurial as a teacher and engaging parents you find hard to reach. They are 5-day courses, Monday to Friday, with the Saturday offering a touristic programme with a training twist. All our courses are eligible for Erasmus+ mobility funding if you school has a budget available. Participation fee (including all training material and costs of the Day 6 programme, but excluding accommodation and meals) is EUR 560.

Collaborating with parents you find hard to reach

Dates: 26 June – 1 July

The training on working with parents is based on two important pillars: self-awareness elements and helping teachers to understand parents – especially parents who are difficult for teachers to reach. The remainder of the training will present methods and tools to bridge the gap that often exists between parents and teachers, because initiating and facilitating this process is an important professional task of the teacher. Scientific research has shown that cooperation between parents and teachers has a significant positive impact on children’s academic performance as well as behaviour at school. Knowledge of students’ family backgrounds is essential for teachers in their work as educators, and a strong, cohesive community of parents can be the most important ally of teachers.

Inclusion in pre-school and lower primary school

Dates: 10-15 July

During the training, participants will use the MultInclude tools developed with Erasmus+ funds to assess the inclusiveness of their own school, their everyday work and then set their own strategic goals. They will then learn about methods and tools – partly based on each other’s experiences – that will help them to teach as inclusively as possible within the existing constraints (class sizes, lack of teaching assistants and expert support). The training will cover student-centred teaching methods, the involvement of parents and the local community, and students’ own initiatives.

Entrepreneurial teaching

Dates: 21-26 August

The skills that characterise entrepreneurs – creativity, flexibility, critical thinking, planning, etc. – are becoming increasingly important in school, too. The training programme, designed specifically for professional educators, will enable participants to develop themselves in these areas while providing them with tools and ideas that they can apply in their daily work to help their students develop in these areas in the classroom.

For more information send an e-mail to [email protected]

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