Long-term collaboration with VMU

Parents International and Vytautas Magnus University have signed a Memorandum of Understandig for cooperation in the preparation and improvement of study programmes, lectures, organization of students’ internships, preparation and implementation of joint projects. There has been a collaboration between the two institutions for a few years now, but we have formalised the relationship and made it long-term rather than occassional with this act.

The collaboration is with their Education Academy that is specialized in preparing school teachers and other educators.

Pedagogical studies at VDU Education Academy – a new approach to the preparation of teachers. The generation of tomorrow’s educators is being grown here by combining solid interdisciplinary and objective knowledge, most efficient educational experiences and deeply rooted traditions as well as by fostering humanistic Artes liberales spirit.

While preparing teachers, the attention is paid not only on excessive knowledge of a subject, but also on a comprehensive education and self-realization of every student. Possibilities to acquire knowledge in various fields, to study foreign languages, to develop one’s creativity as well as  skills of entrepreneurship and IT field gained in practical laboratories are the conditions that are of crucial importance for the development of a liberal personality that are able to adapt to the rapidly changing world. The aim of VDU Education Academy is to create such an environment that will help bringing  up a broad-minded, brilliant XXIst century teacher, who is not afraid of any challenges.

Exclusive, different studies at VDU Education Academy will allow a student to become a motivated and creative personality.

The above mentioned educational principles are based on the examples of the lecturers who teach at the Academy and are leaders not only in the field of education but also in public, the professionals of their fields – scientists, writers, sportsmen, artists.

The aims of today and tomorrow’s education are being achieved by joining the forces of academicians, students, the whole education community and the part of society that holds education as a one of the most crucial elements of the country. All together, not afraid of challenges, we are building the Lithuania of the future.

The collaboration is already ongoing in the form of teaching and training their students, developing a new study programme that provides for new legislative training requirements and joint project applications.

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