Supporting the development of international projects

Parents International was invited for the second time to hold a workshop at the DIPS (Developing International Projects) training that was held in warm and sunny Prague this year in the first week of October. Our workshop was about child participation and parental engagement for a transition from projects to programmes.

In a participatory format, the aim of the workshop what to explore and design successful parental engagement and child participation journeys, especially project design that builds on the initiatives of students and their parents and/or are carried out with their active participation. We have explored project work methodologies theat acknowledge and celebrate agency of students as well asn the role of parents as primary educators.

The workshop put a special focus on inclusive and multicultural learning aspects and the necessary self-reflection of teachers for it.

ladder of parent participation
Supporting the development of international projects 2

Using the Ladders of Child and Parent Participation, the group has realised that most of their methods are not participatory even if they are nice.

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