Parenting Together – going fully back to normal

The Parenting Together project started a series of meetings and training, mostly held in Amsterdam, that mark our work going back to normal. Between 28 June and 1 July, our colleagues from Hungary, Austria, Portugal, Norway, Greece and the Netherlands could again all come together for a super-intensive training after restrictions were lifted on travel for all of them. After months of working a lot remotely, we could again experience how much more effective and less tiring it is to be together in the same room with no masks or social distancing.

In the meeting, we made huge steps forward in developing an online training for parents, establishing the framework for a train the trainer publication, a case management handbook and recommendations for policy. Partners were also offered a course on using the online platform that will host our training from 2022.

A short summary of our training experiences is manifested in this photo

Parenting Together - going fully back to normal 2

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