Surprise and Joy at BioBeo Festival: Celebrating Circular Bioeconomy Education

Close-up of colourful hand-knit anti-stress balls at BioBeo Festival
Experience relaxation and joy with our vibrant hand-knit anti-stress balls, a special treat at BioBeo Festival. These colourful creations were a hit among attendees, spreading positivity and promoting well-being.

“We couldn’t have planned this better”

That’s what you say to express surprise and joy when things spontaneously go really, really well. “Surprise” and “joy” appropriately describe what we felt during BioBeo Festival in Brussels. Here’ why.

The Vision of BioBeo Festival: A Horizon Europe Programme

BioBeo is a far-reaching, ambitious Horizon Europe programme aiming at promoting innovative approaches to circular bioeconomy education, focusessing on five themes: Interconnectedness, Outdoor Learning, Forestry, Life Below Water, and The Food Loop.

Energetic Atmosphere: Highlights of BioBeo Festival

The whole festival was planned very carefully and thoughtfully, to the point that the attendees’ participant tags contained seeds and could be physically planted! The last thing you would expect was finding one of the project coordinators basking at the entrance of the building hosting the conference with a pair of very young musicians, but we’ve got that covered too…

Group of people queueing to receive hand-knit anti-stress balls at BioBeo Festival

Inside, the mood was just as energetic, with a teen band providing a live rendition of pro-rocks smash hits from the 70s, good laughs from BioBeo-themed stand-up comedy, and over a hundred people of all ages and walks of life roaming around the stands representing BioBeo related projects or activities.

Group of young boys engaging in rough and tumble play with hand-knit anti-stress balls at BioBeo Festival"
Young boys immerse themselves in playful antics with hand-knit anti-stress balls at the BioBeo Festival. Amidst the festivities, these stress-relieving toys foster moments of joy and camaraderie among attendees

We, as IPA, where there with a special treat: carefully hand-knit anti-stress balls were available to all those who would take part in an anonymous survey to gather information and further the works towards reaching the project’s aim. Not only the proposal was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the younger portion of the attendees, but something very heartwarming start happening almost immediately: within minutes, boys and girls where outside, in the intermitting spring shower, playing all sorts of games together, not even shying away from occasional, good-natured rough and tumble play.

In the end, we said goodbye to old and new friends and brought back with us lots of positive energy, and renewed confidence in the transformative power that lies in the combination of youth, experience, values, and ideas.

Pair of young boys playing table tennis with hand-knit anti-stress balls at BioBeo Festival
A pair of young boys demonstrate creativity and fun by playing table tennis with hand-knit anti-stress balls at the BioBeo Festival. This inventive use of stress-relieving toys embodies the spirit of innovation and playfulness at the event

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