The 1st Human Capability Initiative : New Prospects in Supporting Education in the Gulf Area

Our Director Invited to the Human Capability Initiative

The human capability Initiative
The 1st Human Capability Initiative : New Prospects in Supporting Education in the Gulf Area 2

Our Director received an invitation to be a speaker at the first meeting of the Human Capability Initiative by the Government of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh. The event brought together experts from all over the world with co-speakers such as Ministers of Education from Saudi Arabia and other countries, leaders of educational initiatives of OECD, the World Bank, UNESCO and other key players, practitioners with inspiring practices and academics.

The Human Capability Iniative: a first start

According to the invitation “the Human Capability Initiative (HCI) is the first-ever global cooperative platform designed to unify the international efforts and enrich the global dialogue on the challenges and opportunities for developing human capabilities. HCI will consider skills, the future of work, education, talent, and technology, bringing together policymakers, thought leaders, investors and entrepreneurs to catalyse international collaboration and maximize resilience, exploring opportunities and promoting innovative policy design and solutions.”

The overarching theme of the two interesting days was future readiness and it provided plenty of opportunity for discussions during and in between more than 60 sessions with a total of 150+ speakers who brought and exchanged their experience and opinion about and worked for developing new concepts to optimize human capability within our rapidly changing modern world.

IPA’s contribution was about innovation in school leadership with special emphasis on shared and inclusive leadership solutions, especially the engagement of students and parents in the process, and the necessary professional/competence development of education professionals to also make them active agents of change and capable of the necessary collaborative approach.

IPA’s role

The Gulf Area is relatively new ground for IPA, this is why it was especially important to engage with the education ministers of the host country as well as his peers from Qatar, Bahrain and Malaysia. We also had the opportunity to find new potential collaborators in the field of entrepreneurship in education, citizenship education and education modernisation.

According to the plans of the host, the discussion will continue also in person in the second edition of the HCI event in 2025.

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