Empowering BioBeo: Exciting Parental Engagement Insights from Hohenheim Training

Group of participants engaged in discussions during the parental engagement workshop at Hohenheim University
Empowering BioBeo: Exciting Parental Engagement Insights from Hohenheim Training 2


Exploring parental engagement in the BioBeo Project took center stage during a recent training session held at the University of Hohenheim. Dr. Judit Horgas from the International Parents Alliance led the charge, propelling advancements in bioeconomy education. Here, we delve into the highlights of this transformative event.

Day 1: Exploring Parental Engagement in BioBeo

The inaugural day commenced with an immersive session led by Dr. Judit Horgas, alongside esteemed colleagues Dr. Evelyn Reinmuth, Sabiha Gökçen Zwack, and several research students. Noteworthy discussions and insights resulted in the recording of over 1 hour of video material. This footage will be utilized to produce a video focusing on parental engagement in the bioeconomy. Additionally, the Resource – Don’t Go game, designed by IPA, sparked interactive discussions conducive to BioBeo’s mission.

During a lively winter barbecue, the participants could further engage in networking while enjoying a delicious lunch prepared by the teaching staff of the Bioeconomy Department.
In the afternoon, a dynamic online workshop session was conducted, introducing participants to the concept of parental engagement in the bioeconomy. This session not only served as an educational opportunity but also facilitated follow-up contacts, laying the groundwork for continued collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Day 2: Advancing Parental Engagement in BioBeo

Building upon the momentum of day one, the second day emphasized further exploration and enrichment of training content. Dr. Judit Horgas and Sabiha Gökçen Zwack engaged in illuminating discussions, shedding light on pivotal aspects of parental involvement in bioeconomy education. Their insights promise to fuel BioBeo’s dissemination efforts and foster community engagement.


The collaborative spirit at Hohenheim exemplifies BioBeo’s commitment to driving positive change in bioeconomy education. With an abundance of recorded sessions and interview segments, the path towards sustainable innovation is clearer than ever. Join us in advancing the BioBeo mission, one insightful training session at a time.

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