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Month: August 2021

Education in the Digital Age – EEPN research published

Parents International is a member of the European Education Policy Network on Teachers and School Leaders, and has contributed to recently published research papers on new skills and competences of teachers and school leaders in the digital age. We are proud that some of our own projects have been chosen for in-depth analysis and are recommended as inspiration for education professionals as well as other education stakeholders. These are the following: ParENTrepreneurs, Open School Doors and Elicit-PLUS. We have also recommended some other chosen examples, such as HospiEdu (Kórházsuli) and Includ-ED. The network will discuss policy recommendations at its Annual Conference in Barcelona on 24 September 2021. Parents International will be present.

The desk research is summarised in a so-called Highlights Report that offers the following synthesis compiled by the Research Lead, Peter Kelly:

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of digital technologies in all aspects of education and promote in all phases
  • Invest in digital infrastructure, digital teaching and learning platforms, digital devices and associated professional development
  • Seek to attract technology-minded people into teaching and school leadership
  • Prioritise the development of the digital confidence and competence of teachers and school leaders and of digitally mature schools
  • Promote digital technology supported collaborative learning for all within the context of schools as learning organisations amid wider supportive digitally networked communities
  • Engage stakeholders such as businesses, universities, families and youth organisations and these networks
  • Make use of local development opportunities that allow school leaders, teachers, students and parents to shape school and community life
  • Address the barriers to digital technology use for school leaders, teachers and students, including those for specific groups
  • Research all areas further, contrast the experiences of teachers and students in different countries and identify effective digital pedagogies

It was reassuring to see that this research, although mainly focusing on the pre-school-closure period had validated our own research based initiative #NewEducationDeal-#Parents First